Life Skills For Puppies Classes

For puppies up to 22 weeks at the time of the first class

(Puppies & dogs over 22 weeks join our "Skill Builder Classes" - the starting point for older pups, adolescents, dogs new to training classes & those completing the Life Skills For Puppies classes)

Getting a dog is one of the rare occasions you actually get to choose a family member, and dogs- just like children; need to be educated & given guidance in order for them to fit happily into all situations of our busy lives.

Puppies must have had at least their first vaccinations at the start of the course for indoor classes Oct-Mar.  Puppies must be fully vaccinated for outdoor classes Apr-Sept. Please ask advice from your vet if you are unsure.

What are the Life Skills courses

We are always updating our learning and teaching skills to ensure the clients & dogs we serve have access to modern training & education techniques, backed up by reliable trustworthy science.  We have completed the Life Skills “Train the trainers course” & offer Life Skills Classes based on the concept developed & established by the veterinary behaviourists at the University of Lincoln.

Life Skills classes are our starting block for puppies.  These classes will help you to teach your puppy the skills needed to live in ‘the real world’ by teaching them to make the right choices.  The emphasis is to help educate puppies to become well behaved adult dogs, whilst laying the foundations for a loving, lasting relationship.


The course is based around 10 Life Skills ‘phrased from the dog’s perspective’

1. I Have Confidence

2. I Like Surprises

3. I like To Be Touched

4. I Have Self Control and Can Tolerate Frustration

5. I can Be Calm

6. I Know The Rules

7. I can Listen

8. I have Good Manners

9. I can Make The Right Choices

10. I am Allowed To be a dog


The classes will help you integrate these lifeskill into everyday life. You will also teach specific behaviours including




Walk nicely on a loose lead

Settle and amuse themselves appropriately

Have good manners around other dogs and people

Be comfortable being touched and groomed



Courses run for 7 weeks, with each practical class lasting approximately 1hour.  The first week will be without dogs & will run for approximately 2hours.  Classes have a maximum of 6 pups in order to provide sufficient support to each dog & handler.


New course dates are released on a regular basis.  To view all available courses click the button below.

Book A Course

If the course you are interested in is not listed on the booking page, please get in touch using the form on our “CONTACT US” tab & we can advise of all upcoming courses – we would be delighted to welcome you to class.

The above classes are aimed at puppies or adult dogs who are sociable with dogs and people. Dogs must be comfortable working in a group class without excessive barking, or fear of people or other dogs. If you are not sure your dog will cope or you have any other queries please use the "contact us" page to email enquiries@canineconcerns.co.uk to discuss before booking.



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