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Training Workshops

Give your dog a safe & fun outlet for the job they are genetically designed for.



We love providing our pet gundogs with the activities they absolutely adore & come so naturally to them.  We have completed the Gundog Trainers Academy Instructor course, enjoy many gundog camps & attend shootover days with our own dogs, so you can be sure that our kind & modern gundog training methods are the core of what we aim to teach.


You don't need to have a gun, or work with game to provide gundog training exercises for your pet gundog. 

With our fun Pet Gundog Club workshops, you can learn all about your dog's natural abilities, have great fun building on foundation training exercises, develop a wonderful bond & achieve the focus & skills needed for gundog work in an informal, enjoyable & safe way.

Whether you want to have fun with your dog, or you aim to compete or join a shoot in future, these workshops are a great place to learn & build on the basics.

Gundogs fall within 3 categories:  Retrievers (eg Labradors/Flatcoats/Goldens), Hunting Retrievers (eg Spaniels) & Hunt Point Retrievers (eg Pointers/Vizslas/Weimaraners).

There are no pre-requisites to joining these workshops.  They are suitable for all gundog breed puppies/dogs new to gundog training & handlers with no previous experience.  However, if your puppy or dog has not attended any training classes previously, we would suggest you consider joining the "Life Skills" or "Skill Builder" course first.

Many exercises for gundog work encompass focus, obedience, steadiness, teamwork, controlled hunting, scenting, retrieving & working with arousal & distractions.  All these elements bring so many useful skills which you will find assist you every day with your family dog.

Workshops run monthly over the warmer months allowing you & your dog plenty time to practice what you have learned in-between.  The workshops run for 3 hours so we can cover a number of different exercises & the level of training will be tailored to suit the individual dogs attending.  There is no start or end date, simply join as many of the workshops as you wish to achieve ongoing progress in your gundog training journey.


Examples of some of the elements included in our Pet Gundog Workshops are:

  • Heelwork

  • Retrieve Work

  • Recall

  • Whistle Cues

  • Target Exercises

  • Platform Work

  • Focus Exercises

  • Steadiness

  • Handler Mechanics

  • Clicker/Marker Training

  • Settling

  • Connection building

  • Wait/Stay

  • Play to strengthen behaviours

  • Hunting Basics

  • Considering Emotions



If you are excited to see what your pet gundog can achieve, come along & start working together at our next session.  We would love to see you there.

There will even be some refreshments included for the humans to enjoy, so be sure to bring your re-usable mug.


Dogs attending must be comfortable working in a group setting around other dogs & people.  If you are not sure your dog will cope or you have any other queries please use the "contact us" page to email enquiries@canineconcerns.co.uk to discuss before booking.


Dates are released on a regular basis.  To view all available courses, click the button below.  Use the calendars to see future dates as & when they become available.

Book A Course

If the course you are interested in is not listed on the booking page, please get in touch using the form on our “CONTACT US” tab & we can advise of all upcoming courses – we would be delighted to welcome you to class.

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