The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

the kennel club - logoThe Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. The aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn enhance our relationship with our pets and make the whole community aware of the benefits of dog ownership.

Canine Concerns holds the Kennel Club’s Listed Status.
The Scheme incorporates four awards; each level involves a gradual development of basic exercises included in daily life situations.

New course dates are released on a regular basis.  To view all available courses click the button below.

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Puppy Foundation: 

Please see our Life Skills Classes page & Skill Builder Classes page.  On completion of either of these courses, puppies & dogs less than 1yr of age may also achieve the standard set for the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award.

The content of the Puppy Foundation Award is covered through Life Skills & Skill Builder, this includes socialisation with people and other dogs, introduction to walking nicely on lead, learning to be calm whilst being handled and coming back when called. Other subjects are also discussed.


This is the entry level for all dogs & owners wishing to aim for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards. All dogs attending classes must be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination at the first class. It is not recommended that dogs with fear or aggression issues attend classes – one to one training is available on request (see Dog Behaviour page for further details).

Exercises include:-

  • Walking on lead

  • Control with people and other dogs

  • Returning to the handler

  • Responsibility and care

Other issues which can be solved during class are; pulling on the lead, barging through doorways and becoming an effective, kind parent to your dog.


Open to dogs of any age over 9 months who have already achieved the Bronze Level.

Exercises include;-

  • Safety when travelling the dog in a vehicle

  • Coming back when called – even amongst distractions

  • Greeting strangers politely

  • Teaching your dog to be calm when examined by another person



Open to dogs of any age over 9 months who have already achieved the Silver Level.

Exercises include;-

  • Controlled walking off lead

  • Staying in one place while the handler goes out of sight

  • Stopping the dog quickly in an emergency

  • Accepting food/treats politely


The Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are all 7 weeks of training and there is a test on the 8th week. The test at the end of the course is not compulsory, so if you do not feel you and your dog are ready – there is no requirement to take the test.

All acheivements are genuine passes, tested by an independant examiner who fulfills the Kennel Club Criteria.  At Canine Concerns we do not allow dogs and handlers to pass unless they show that they can complete the exercises to the correct standard. These standards form the basis of all your dogs' training and will ensure they are polite and well mannered Good Citizens!

Click the link to the Kennel Club page & find out more about the scheme & contentKennel Club Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme

The above classes are aimed at puppies or adult dogs who are sociable with dogs and people. Dogs must be be comfortable working in a group class without excessive barking, or fear of people or other dogs. If you are not sure your dog will cope or you have any other queries please use the "contact us" page to email enquiries@canineconcerns.co.uk to discuss before booking.





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